- Somewhere between graphic and object design”


Ilvie︎︎︎ Every year the number of tourists in the Netherlands increases. Because of this growth in mass tourism, the livability in some areas is under pressure. I researched how we can find balance between livability and hospitality, and how we can realize this by using architecture. With Ilvie, an innovative 'tourist information point', we attract tourists and can give them specific information about various highlights in the Netherlands. Ilvie offers the possibility to affect the movement of tourists in a controlled way.

The information point Ilvie itself focuses on the experience and admiration of modern architecture. The building itself is an attraction, shape and material are a dominant part of the building: the shape of the building is defined by the letter 'I' of 'Information'. The two components of the 'I' are constructed in a new, dynamic way. These constructions reflect the constant interaction between the tourist and the local inhabitant, both in shape and material.

Maquette, technical drawing & posters
Language: Nederlands
64 x 25 x 62,5 cm (lxwxh)
Designed for ABRI Magazine 2020

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︎+ 316 202 88 596