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The Moving 50|50 project (In progress)
︎︎︎ Till this very day, people without a home is a growing global problem, also in the Netherlands. Homeless people are one of the most vulnerable groups among us, and their rights are under pressure in several ways.

During my development as a young designer I always ask myself what kind of impact I can have for the world as a designer. Over the years I have become more and more obsessed with the bicycle and have always been fascinated by its shape, movement and functionality. By combining my fascination with this social problem I finally came up with the concept of designing a bicycle trailer together with the homeless people. Thanks to the Leger des Heils 50/50 store in Utrecht Overvecht I'm currently working on this trailer to improve mobility and independence. With this object's shape and material I searched for the limits between the perspective of a homeless person and myself as a designer. From these thoughts I explored how we can make connections with found material in which aesthetics and functionality comes together.

Bicycle trailer, Video
Special thanks to Leger des Heils,
50|50 store and Dennis

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