- Somewhere between graphic and object design”


Scarf design GIZZI x MIJN︎︎︎ A tribute to one of the most important post-war graphic designer in the Netherlands: Wim Crouwel. In this project Annemijn Catshoek and myself explored the working method of this remarkable designer. During this research we came across the fact that Wim Crouwel always used grid systems in his designs. We modernized this method and applied it in code, using Processing3. From language to typography and shape experiments. Eventually we applied our discoveries on a scarf design where all shapes and letters were perfectly shaped on the pixel.

 Scarf, code, typography
Collab with Annemijn Catshoek
Edition of 8 pieces
Designed with processing3

︎ gijs-molenaar@hotmail.com
︎+ 316 202 88 596