- Somewhere between graphic and object design”


︎︎︎ Gijs Molenaar is a graphic designer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. As a designer he is interested in constructions and materialism. With deep influences from his direct environment he tells stories about everyday objects, what they mean, how they work and how we can use them in a different way. By creating new functions and decomposing context he creates new objects, constructions and stories.

With a focus on shape he seeks the edge between spatial and graphic design. Where concept, function and simplicity are central in order to get a better grip on the complexity in the world.
20142017: Grafisch lyceum Rotterdam 2018present: Graphic Design, University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)
2020—present: Spatial Design minor, University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)
6 months

Exhibitions + Publications 2019: EKSPO, HKU Media, Utrecht 2019: Multiplicity, LE:EN Utrecht
2020: ABRI Magazine, Academiegalerie, Utrecht

︎︎︎mail: gijs-molenaar@hotmail.com
︎︎︎phone: +316 202 88 596

︎︎︎instagram: @gizzi.jpeg

︎ gijs-molenaar@hotmail.com
︎+ 316 202 88 596